High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) or Polyethylene high-density (PEHD) Rope

Bullplus Polyfils are the premium HDPE rope exporters based in Gujarat, India, delivering nylon rope, polypropylene industrial rope, HD polyethylene rope and PE rope India and abroad. In 1950’s, synthetic fibers were first entered to the rope industry. Before that, jute and other natural fibers were used for manufacturing rope. Every fiber has its unique properties, strengths, and weaknesses. Synthetic fibers changed the entire game of the rope industry. Today, there are several nylon rope manufacturers, but fewer are reliable to approach. Bullplus Polyfils is among those limited HDPE rope manufacturers and PE rope exporters providing quality rope for industry usage.

At Bullplus Polyfils facility, you get the high-grade quality nylon ropes in India. The strength, resistance, and elasticity offered by products of PE rope exporters are unbeatable. Nylon ropes are having good resistance to organic solvents and oil, alcohols, and formaldehyde. These are anti-rot, anti-flammable products. However a nylon rope breaks down in fire, it leaves ash that has hydrogen cyanide.

Nylon rope users can avail major benefits


Nylon rope works best for those who are interested in high strength rope. Among all other fibers, nylon passes the advanced strength test and ranks at the top of the list of common rope fibers. It is stronger than polyethylene, polypropylene, and organic fibers. It is also giving competition to polyester.

Shock absorbert

Nylon is known for its high stretchability and elasticity, which is almost the double of a polyester fiber. And the ropes made of nylon material are great absorbers of shock. This is the reason why mountaineers and towing companies are using these ropes for the job.

Abrasion resistance

Nylon ropes are abrasion resistant. It means if nylon rope manufacturers say that their product last much longer than other standard rope fibers (except the polyester), believe them- they are telling the truth. Nylon has ability to withstand UV rays. It will not be degraded when exposed to most organic solvents and chemicals. There is no mildew, rotting, and other moisture effects on nylon rope.

PE rope exporters are here to provide you best nylon ropes in India and abroad.

Care instructions by HDPE rope, PE rope manufacturers

HD Polyethylene Rope, Polypropylene Industrial Rope, nylon rope, HDPE ropes and PE ropes don’t require any maintenance. You just need to protect them against water. Nylon absorbs the water and lose its strength. But when you take right care, these ropes can be used for longer years.

Bullplus Polyfils is one of the most trusted suppliers of HDPE ropes India and other nation countries. The company is offering best quality PE ropes, nylon ropes in India. The bright colour choices available at the facility are yellow, red, green, orange, and blue.

Bullplus Polyfils owns immense expertise in the domain of manufacturing HD polyethylene rope, polypropylene industrial rope, HDPE rope, and PE ropes India. Every rope category is designed for different industrial purpose. Being extraordinary product with extreme durability, these ropes are appreciated for their great strength.

PE HDPE rope exporters are delivering efficient rope that can carry heavy load. The products supplied by Nylon HDPE rope manufacturers meet the distinct parameters of the industry- including heavy load, great strength, light weight, and durability.

Bullplus Polyfils company is equipped with high-tech infrastructure where professional teams are engaged in offering an extensive range of PE ropes India. Being among eminent HDPE ropes manufacturers, the company products are used in multiple industries, including textile, construction, and automobile sector. Each rope is fabricated with premium quality high-density polyethylene and advance technology. The HDPE ropes are used in marine transport, shipping, packaging, fisheries, construction, automobile, etc.

Bullplus Polyfils is located at Rajkot. If you are searching reputed HDPE rope exporters in India, contact us today. You can send your requirements to us and our desk team will assist you shortly.

We Bullplus Polyfils based at from Gujarat - INDIA engaged in Manufacturing and exporting Hdpe/PP Ropes, Hdpe Fishing twine(pe twine) and PP Baler Twine. We are exclusively taking care of Overseas Clients & Market. We are having the manufacturing establishment for HDPE ROPES on Regular production basis as well Quality control and timely delivery, We wish to establish a fruit full business relation with you , A very short Introduction about Us is we are a very aggressive and growing company here in India with a Core Value & DNA of business i.e. Time Value and Expectation of Our Overseas Client.

  • Smooth finish
  • Slightly heavier then Polyproplyene rope
  • Tensile strength is unchangable in dry or wet water
  • Shock loading
  • Commercial
  • Marine & Fishing
  • Tarp fishing application
  • line haulers
MM INCH Ibs/100ft kgs/100mts kgs Ibs
4 5/32" 0.540 0.810 200 441
6 1/4" 1.220 1.820 400 882
8 5/16" 2.150 3.170 700 1543
10 3/8" 3.280 4.600 1100 2425
12 1/2" 4.640 6.900 1500 3307
14 9/16" 6.180 9.100 2100 4630
16 5/8" 8.200 12.500 2800 6173
18 3/4" 10.420 15.700 3500 7716
20 13/16" 13.140 19.600 4300 9480
22 7/8" 16.130 23.800 5100 11244
24 1" 19.420 29.000 6100 13448
28 1.1/8" 26.100 38.800 8200 18078
32 1.5/16" 35.000 51.500 10700 23589

~ Tolerance : Up to 14 mm = +/- 8% >> 16 mm & above = +/- 5%

~ Packing : PE Ropes are generally packed indivdually in plastic bag/strach film and then coils packed in wovenbags

~ Coils : Coils available in 100/200/300 mtrs or yards/fts

~ Colors : Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, White, Black, Brown

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