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PP or Polypropylene rope exporters, Bullplus Polyfils are offering their exclusive range of polypropylene rope India and abroad. Polypropylene rope is one of the widely used product for domestic, business, or leisure use. Polypropylene or PP rope is the most selling product in the market. It is being made in different colours and diameters to suit the client needs and requirements. Our Dunline Rope India, Plastic Rope India and PP Rope India range is popular across the world.

Why people are buying PP rope from Bullplus Polyfils?

We at Bullplus Polyfils, are working efficiently to give hard competition to other Plastic rope exporters and PP rope exporters in the market. Each product manufactured at our facility is tested and go through several quality checks. People around the world are considering us as the Dunline Rope manufacturers because of our premium products that are available at competitive price.

Advantages of using Bullplus Polyfils PP ropes-

These are tough built

Polypropylene is a hard-wearing material that is resistant to several solvents and organic materials. PP rope manufacturers Bullplus Polyfils weave PP rope from three-strand yarn to achieve ultimate strength and durability.

High strength

PP ropes exporters are making their products with high-strength material and thus, these products are used by multiple industries such as boating, winches and pulleys, fastening and securing. It is due to its sturdy construction and high strength that meet all these functionalities.

No Roten ropes

PP material is rot resistant that makes the manufactured ropes long lasting and highly durable product. You can use our PP Rope India range in outdoors applications or fishing. The hemp ropes and other natural fiber ropes are unsuitable for such usage and show rapid decay due to bacterial growth. Polypropylene Rope India range is immune to rotting and designed to deliver long-lasting functionalities than other ropes.

Floating ropes

If you don’t know this fact that a good boating rope floats and is more durable, then Polypropylene Rope exporters would like to tell you about the products. PP rope can be easily get from the water surface and it is widely used rope around water. The colours used to produce these ropes increase visibility in dim light conditions.


Dunline rope India manufacturers Bullplus Polyfils are producing red, yellow, blue, and green pp ropes. You just need to choose the best rope colour that has great visibility in specific conditions from our range of products.


PP or polypropylene is readily available and affordable material. These ropes are cheaper in cost and highly recommended for fisheries industries, transportation, commercial packaging, and engineering and construction sector.

Bullplus Polyfils is leading the market and has successfully achieved high rank among major plastic rope exporters in India. You can easily get in touch with the desk team of the company and share your requirements related to plastic rope India range and other PP, HDPE products.

We BULLPLUS POLYFILS based at from Gujarat - INDIA engaged in Manufacturing and exporting Hdpe/PP Ropes, Hdpe Fishing twine(pe twine) and PP Baler Twine. We are exclusively taking care of Overseas Clients & Market. We are having the manufacturing establishment for PP ROPES on Regular production basis as well Quality control and timely delivery, We wish to establish a fruit full business relation with you , A very short Introduction about Us is we are a very aggressive and growing company here in India with a Core Value & DNA of business i.e. Time Value and Expectation of Our Overseas Client.

  • High ultra violet resistance
  • Better brecking strength
  • Anti-abrasion
  • Cost effictive and High strength
  • Aquaculture and Fishfarming
  • Marine & Fishing
  • Industrial
Size(Diameter) Weight brecking
MM  INCH  lbs/100ft  kgs/100mts  kgs  lbs 
4 5/32"  0.500 0.740 280 472
6 1/4"  1.114 1.700 680 1327
8 5/16"  2.000 3.000 1200 2337
10 3/8" 3.000 4.550 1800 3439
12 1/2" 4.230 6.580 2700 4872
14 9/16"  5.800 8.900 3600 6724
16 5/8"  7.490 11.500 4500 8311
18 3/4"  9.450 14.800 5800 10604
20 13/16"  11.800 17.800 6900 12787
24 1"  18.900 33.500 9900 23589
28 1.1/8"  23.800 40.460 13200 26940
32 1.5/16"  30.910 46.000 16800 29762

~ Tolerance : Up to 14 mm = +/- 8% >> 16 mm & above = +/- 5%

~ Packing : PE Ropes are generally packed indivdually in plastic bag/strach film and then coils packed in woven bags

~ Coils : Coils available in 100/200/300 mtrs or yards/fts

~ Colors : White,Yellow,Aqua green (With tracer yarn and without tracer yarn)

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