HDPE Fishing Twine Manufacturers and Exporters

Bullplus Polyfils is among most leading Fishing twine exporters, delivering most sturdy and stronger PE twine in India and abroad. Fishing twine is a light, strong cord made of two or multiple thinner strands in braided form. Being one of the eminent PE Twine manufacturers, our professionals use a variety of techniques to combine fibers to have PE fishing twine.

Bullplus Polyfils HDPE twines are best products as these are woven into highly string braid through a proprietary technique that provides it the amazing radial construction.

Major benefits of sourcing products from HDPE twine exporters

  • Best product at right price
  • No hidden charges
  • Quality assured products
  • Tested products

Features of fishing twine supplied by PE twine exporters

Sensitivity - PE twine fishing lines transmit information better than any other fishing line. You will know when any fish bites it, or when lure ticks bottom.

Abrasion resistance - Since the twine are super thin in diameter, only fewer are able to withstand abrasion. Bullplus Polyfils PE twine manufacturers products are exceptionally tough at performance.

Floatation - PE superline floats, which make the product different from slow-sinking mono and fast-falling fluoro lines.

HDPE twine manufacturers suggest you to look for certain characteristics when choosing fishing line -

There are three types of fishing lines available in the market- monofilament, thermal filament and braided fishing lines. Monofilament is made in special colours so that it can be visible to human eye. Thermal filament line is the high-performance line manufactured by thermal bonding of thermal filament. These fishing lines have smaller diameter per pound test as compared to monofilament. Braided fishing lines are thicker and used for catching larger species of fishes such as bluefin tuna, yellow fin tuna offshore. Fishing twine exporters Bullplus Polyfils supply a comprehensive range of fishing lines to rest of the world.

Things you need to consider before buying any fishing line -

  • 1. Line strength - Fishing line strength is known as test, which is measured in pounds. It should match the weight of the type of the species selected for fishing.
  • 2. Nylon/ PE/ HDPE - Nylon is the oldest and commonly used synthetic fibers for fishing twine. Polyethylene and high density polyethylene are more advanced rope materials used for making fishing twine. PE twine India products at Bullplus Polyfils are quality assured.
  • 3. Castability - For active fishing, frequent casting is needed. In such situation, smooth and light weight fishing lines are best to use.
  • 4. Line stretch - Line stretch is responsible for sensitivity of the fish line.
  • 5. Line memory - Less memory means the better fishing line. Memory is the ability of fishing line to retain its shape once deformed.

PE Twine manufacturers, i.e. Bullplus Polyfils are the premium suppliers of HDPE, PE, and nylon fishing twines from Rajkot, India.

Why choose Bullplus Polyfils Hdpe twine Exporters -

We are the reputed PE Twine Exporters in Gujarat. Our premium range of HDPE, PE, nylon fishing twine and lines are best suited for fishing industry. We are among finest PE twine manufacturers having main goal of delivering quality products to the worldwide clientele. Bullplus Polyfils is one of the well-known Hdpe twine manufacturers in India. You get the quality assured and tested range of fishing twine products at right price here.

Contact Bullplus Polyfils and get the great deals and discounts today.

  • Easy to use(flexiable)
  • Better tensile strength and durability
  • Minimum Elongation
  • Minimum Water Absorption
  • Fishing net
  • Industrieal
  • Sports net, sefty net, agriculture net
  • Packing
SIZE 380/D
PLY MM(Diameter)
12 1.10
15 1.30
18 1.40
21 1.50
24 1.60
27 1.70
SIZE 380/D
PLY MM(Diameter)
30 1.80
36 2.00
45 2.15
60 2.50
75 2.60
90 2.80
120 3.50

~ Torance : +/- 5%

~ Packing : PE twine are generally packed 12 hanks per packet in plastic bag/lemination film and then packets packed in wovenbags

~ packets : packets available 2.5 lbs to 3.5 lbs

~ Colors : Red, Blue, D. Blue,L.Green, D.Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Brown, Black, White and many more colors.

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